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Path Of Exile Is Regarded As The Best Free-to-Play Model On The Market

If someone told us ten years ago that the game, which will replace the iconic Diablo II, will be a free-to-play network production, we would probably look at it as a crazy one. In the meantime, it just happened. Talking about the fantastic Path of Exile – a game that has the most free-to-play model on the market and is a great production created for hardcore hack’n'slash fans. The Path of Exile network release on the PC was maintained in the dark fantasy style.

Hack ‘n’ Slash In The Classic Edition

The Path of Exile game was created from the beginning as the spiritual successor of Diablo II, so it’s no wonder that we’re dealing here with the classic representative of the hack’n'slash genre. In a nutshell, the gameplay involves eliminating hordes of monsters and developing characters and gaining better equipment, so that we can face stronger enemies. We can choose from seven classes of characters, which we can develop in hundreds of different ways and as many objects waiting to be found in the game world. The creators of the Path of Exile put on a rather heavy climate emphasized by a realistic style of graphics reminiscent of the Middle Ages. It is also worth noting that the story told in the Path of Exile is really just the background to the next battles with monsters and in this respect the title may disappoint. On the other hand, the game gives many opportunities to learn more about the history of the world available in it. This makes it easier to get caught up.

An Innovative Character Development System

The biggest advantage of the game is its ingenious character development system. It consists of two parts. The first is a huge tree of passive skills shared between all character classes. Each of them starts to play in a different place of the tree and has access to skills that match her character. Ranger, for example, has early access mainly to archery skills. However, each character can be taken in other areas of the passive tree and, for example, from the magician to make a hero who is fighting with the bow. Or change a barbarian in a magician who uses health points to cast spells instead of mana. The second part of character development is a system of active abilities. In the Path of Exile they have the form of stones worn by a character, which we find in the game world or receive as rewards for the tasks performed. We have dozens of active skills to choose from. In addition, we combine gems to, for example, increase the area of skill or add to it damage from fire, lightning or cold. The system is flexible and rewards creativity.

The Depth Of The Game Is Worthy Diablo II

Attention is also paid to itemization, that is, ingenious and interesting features of found objects. Finds are divided into several categories, and the most valuable is the unique equipment, which in itself can define the style of the game with a character. In addition, items can be modified in many ways. The Path of Exile also has extensive combat mechanics. The hero’s offensive effectiveness is determined by statistics such as accuracy and speed of attacks. In defense, we need to look after, for example, appropriate resistance to the elements. Therapeutic potions have been treated in a novel way. They regenerate with their foes and offer various types of bonuses that can be activated during skirmishes. The combination of all these elements means that the Path of Exile is not a very accessible game, but at the same time rewards those devoting time to an in-depth knowledge of the mechanics of the game.

Where’s The MMO Here?

Path of Exile is called instantiated MMO. This means that hundreds of other people are playing next to us, but all zones are created in the form of separate maps for each player or group. We’re not dealing with an open world here, just like in the classic MMOs like World of Warcraft. We meet other players in cities that are starting points for further adventures. Each city is assigned to one of the acts in the game and you can trade there or show off the hero’s appearance. Settlements add a game of life, and the view of other players makes you feel part of a larger community. Trade equipment is also a very important part of the game and allows you to purchase equipment, which would otherwise require a great deal of luck or time. As per the MMO game, the Path of Exile allows you to interact freely with other people. At our disposal are, for example, chat in the game, and players can join in the guild, which makes it easier to play in the company of friends.

Seasons, Leagues, Tournaments and Races

Following the example of Diablo II, the creators of Path of Exile decided to extend the life of their game in a simple way. Every few months there are new leagues that can be compared to the football season. When the league starts, everyone starts with zero, with new characters and without previously acquired items. This gives you the opportunity to create a new character and get better equipment from scratch. These types of seasons have their own rules that affect gameplay and add even more freshness to the game. There are also races in the Path of Exile. This is a game mode in which players have a certain amount of time to gain the highest level of experience. The races have their own league and prizes awarded to the best players. A lot of attractions are also waiting for fans of battles with other people. Grinding Gear Games has created separate leagues and regularly organizes tournaments designed for PvP battles. This element of fun becomes an increasingly important part of the game. Visit for currency like PoE orbs.

The Best Free-to-Play Model On The Market

The success of the Path of Exile was determined not only by the depth of the game, great itemization and plenty of available attractions, but also an incredibly friendly free-to-play model. Micro-transactions only apply to cosmetic items, with the exception of the purchase of additional space in the items box. Focusing on cosmetic effects means that paid items do not make the game easier. You can buy it, among others changes in the appearance of weapons, armor and animation of certain skills, as well as decorative items for our hideout. We can also buy a lizard, a bat, a deer and other animals that accompany us in traversing the game world. The game itself is available for free and requires only the creation of a player account. Path of Exile has the best free-to-play model on the market, which does not interfere with the game.

Nothing To Play

Path of Exile is one of those free-to-play games that can be recommended to any fan of network RPGs with a clear conscience. Inspired by the iconic Diablo II studio, Grinding Gear Games took the best elements from that game, added their own and created a title that can be proud of. Path of Exile is a greatly designed itemization, ingenious character development and an extraordinary depth of gameplay created for hardcore players. The most impressive, however, is that the whole packaged in an incredibly friendly model free-to-play, which should be a model for all creators of free video games.

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