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Path Of Exile Tips For Picking Up A Suitable Class

Path of Exile is a gritty online action RPG developed by indie developers Grinding Gear Games. The dark fantasy world of Path of Exile is completely divided into instances. Only the cities are collection points of all players in which groups can be formed.

In Path of Exile there’re seven character classes. There are three attributes can be developed by your characters including strength, dexterity and intelligence. Three of the classes have a single attribute that they improve while gaining experience. Hybrid characters have two to three attributes but they can’t max out any of them. You can also develop a hybrid character, but they’ll never be as good in some skills as the pure characters.


Duelist who looks like a typical musketeer with a rapier, is one of the hybrid characters, which means he focuses on two attributes at a time. In this case, our handsome young man has to oscillate between strength and dexterity. This lethal combination lets him use both fast and strong attacks and gives him a basic abilities in defence – stamina and ability to dodge attacks. Development of a hybrid character is up to the player because there’s a lot of development paths here. Nothing stands in your way if you want to turn him into a heavy archer or a cutthroat with two swords. Just a matter of choice.


Marauder is a natural born warrior. Embodiment of war, or even carnage. His main attribute is strength, which causes massive damage to the enemies, he’s also very resistant to opponents’ attacks. It makes him a killing machine that gladly smashes heads of his enemies. This character is recommended for beginners because of the “power” that you can feel in the beginning of the game. Heavy two-handed axes and clubs let him make his way through hordes of enemies.


Templar, as a religious warrior, combines ancient magic and strength of soldiers in a battle. You can say he’s a battle wizard, whose main powers are strength mixed with intelligence. This character will not only strike someone with a lightning but also, if needed, he won’t hesitate to hit someone with a hammer.


Ranger is an excellent archer who fights mainly with a bow. This character fights from a distance and focuses mainly on long-distance weapons, however she doesn’t mind daggers or even claws. Dexterity, makes her a character with incredible accuracy and agility which lets her avoid enemy hits. One arrow – one kill. Nothing more, nothing less.


Shadow is a master assassin, a real professional who values mission’s success above everything else. Recommended for players who like this dark vibe that assassins bring and their most characteristic weapon – two daggers. Many people prefer throwing weapons, it’s a matter of your taste. All his power is based on dexterity which gives him mobility and intelligence that gives him critical damage and supporting (or destructive) spells. Decide! Speed matters. We’ll see who’ll have a knife on his throat first.


Witch on first sight looks like a helpless little girl but she wields incredible power. She attacks mainly with magic – various spells often based on elements. In a close combat she can make use of wands and staffs. Her intelligence lets her increase her mana level and use energy shield more effectively. Wanna say something, my dear, before I burn a hole in your guts?


Scion is a fair-haired girl of noble family caged like an animal, which can by unlocked by completing the main quest-line with one of the existing heroes. Initially, her skill points are equally divided between strength, agility, and intelligence, which makes her a really versatile character. This allows you to develop the cute blonde in any way you fancy.

There is no money in the game. Instead, the players are to operate a sophisticated system barter. For other in-game amenities, you pay a little money with microtransactions. PoE currency system is a game feathure in the game Path of exile, it is composed of many different kinds of PoE orbs. All these orbs are designed as crafting materials, so to make your character more powerful, you should to get more powerful PoE Items.

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