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Path Of Exile’s Free-to-Play Business Model

Path of Exile is a game that takes after Diablo II in much of its design, with a complex economy and loot system, a dark aesthetic, and a unique way of handling character progression that takes inspiration from Final Fantasy X’s Sphere Grid. It now features seven classes, the newest addition being the Scion that evenly balances physical power, agility, and magic. Be sure to stay tuned at for more updates.

The game is a free-to-play game that is supported monetarily through its microtransaction features. Path of Exile is built on one core tenent: no pay to win. The policy of Grinding Gear Games regarding microtransactions is that they should not confer any significant advantage to the player. Microtransaction features are primarily cosmetic in nature or provide peripheral utility in the case of additional stash tabs and character slots.

More and more actual video games are using the model and allowing gamers to have really good, complete play experiences without having to spend any money on microtransactions, and without being constantly hounded to throw down some cash for a more complete experience. We’re here to talk about the microtransactions, and I think that’s where I find POE setting itself apart from most other free-to-play games.

Path of Exile’s microtransactions are based on cosmetic additions, rather than anything that tangibly affects gameplay. You can dress up your character to look really cool, buy armor sets, get pets, but none of these do anything to make you stronger, they just make you feel a lot more cool and show off to other players.

On the other level, the shop sell Supporter Packs, which contain the credits that you use to buy these microtransactions, and the Supporter packs contain as much interesting stuff as we can throw in. So there’s physical merchandise, physical comic books, t-shirts, art packs. The developing team include the ability in the more expensives ones for players to contribute designs to the game that are used to add items to the game – and they don’t get these items, because that would be an advantage, but everyone else can find them.

You can’t buy your way to double XP, better weapons, or a new character class. In this world your character and loot are products of your effort, time investment, and possibly skill, and there’s no way around it. That said, they still have to make money.

To conclude, Path of Exile is a fine game that has already been satisfying the appetites of hardcore gamers as well as more casual passers-by like myself. Grinding Gears has come really close to nailing the microtransaction model, but there’s still room for improvement here.

Path of Exile will undoubtedly become one of the most popular games. If you have not tried it, that’s so regrettable. Whether you are a game loyal player or a beginner, we will provide you with the best service on selling PoE orbs and other currencies.

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