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The Path Of Exile Is A Duel

Online action RPG will take on the Devil lovers who can choose this character.

The interesting Diablo clone, Path of Exile, has an interesting hybrid profession. He is a duelist who applies strength and skill especially in a direct sword struggle. By using skill, batching is created to speed up attacks, and the application of force increases the stamina. These elements multiply until the character uses a special attack such as a teleport with a blowout. The Duelist shows up in a video motion in the second act – in the forest, where the hero can add to some bandits

If the pure force, like a marauder, or pure dexterity, like a ranger, you do not fit, and you prefer something medium – to be in close combat, but at the same time use tactical techniques, evade blows, go to the enemies behind your back and smash their only one critical blow, the Duelist will suit your style of play.

In the tree of passive skills, he is located among such skills that increase dexterity, strength, attack speed from pair weapons, health, evasion, armor.

The duelist is great for making a fast and dangerous warrior who harmoniously combines the power of the contact fighter and the mobility of the archer.

The game does not use disposable flavors, but will be bottles that are continuously emptied while in use, but also complement, for example, when killing a monster. At the same time, bottles can have different effects, heal more quickly, or add some bonus to their status. An important part of character development is the discovery of bottles with different effects.

Path of Exile can be played for free. It takes place in a persistent online world with randomly generated levels in a fixed 3D perspective. Includes exciting skill development and PvP tournament.

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