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Best Five Tips For Path Of Exile

We have put together for you the best 5 tips for “Path of Exile” and tell you which items are worthwhile, what you have to pay attention to when distributing your passive skill points, and which steps will make your exile everyday life a bit more bearable.

Path of Exile is a Free2Play action RPG and enjoys great popularity. We’ll show you how to survive in the merciless world of Wraeclast.

Exile Tip 5: Focus your collecting hatred

Do not pick up every junk item, but concentrate as quickly as possible on golden, rare items. You should always collect “Scroll of Wisdom”, “Portal Scroll” and all other upgrade items that are slightly brownish in color.
These “orbs” can be used to upgrade weapons and other items, or even reset passive skill points. The most valuable of these “orbs” are also used as currency in “Path of Exile”. These include “Exalted Orbs”, “Divine Orbs” and “Chaos Orbs PoE“.
However, even normal white objects can turn you into valuable items. To do this, you must use the “orbs” mentioned above to upgrade an item. For example, with a “Blacksmith’s Whetstone” you increase the quality of the weapon and with an “Orb of Alchemy” you can turn the normal weapon into a rare one.
White items are especially valuable if you have either three different colored skill gems (red, blue, green) or more than five skill slots. Since these items are extremely rare, you can sell well and above all improve well with “orbs”.

Exile Tip 4: The Right Skills to Survive

Opt for a so-called AoE skill as early as possible. “AoE” stands for “Area of Effect” and refers to an action or a magic with surface effect. These attacks allow you to kill multiple enemies at once, which quickly becomes a matter of survival and also provides plenty of experience levels to level your character.
Note that you can use any skill with any class as long as your character meets the attribute requirements. You can see their attributes (strength, intelligence and dexterity) by pressing [C]. So you are relatively free in the interpretation of your hero and should use this to your advantage.
Later in the game, you can fall back on various “auras”. These skills provide you with certain bonuses when activated, such as faster mana regeneration. However, you do not need to place all the auras in your hotbar (keyboard layout of the skills). It is sufficient if you select and activate them via one of the buttons in the Hotbar.

Exile Tip 3: Do not forget your defensive

You absolutely need elemental resistance to lightning, fire, and ice damage, as you will quickly get a lot of spell damage. In Path of Exile, rings are an easy way to provide some resistance. It’s best to carry around a number of different rings in your inventory and swap them before hitting enemy groups with damage. In addition, you should plan a certain number of passive skill points for elemental resistances.
Decide early on whether you want to be dependent on life or energy shield and then award your passive skill points accordingly. At least 100 percent additional from one of the two you should achieve so. Otherwise you will die with sufficient healing potions a quick and glorious death.
Of course, it is also possible to neglect his defensive and to build a more offensive designed heroes. But especially beginners will have their problems with such an orientation. So be sure to always do enough for your defensive. An all-crushing warrior will not help you if you hit the ground after a hit.

Exile Tip 2: Make life easier with settings!

Not only beginners are in danger of overlooking the many chests, boxes and objects dropped by opponents. For the big crowd this is difficult even for more experienced players. Luckily, the item “UI” in the options menu offers many options to customize the user interface to your preferences. Here is also the option “Always Highlight” (see picture). Check this box to always point out any recordable items on the screen.
In the same window you will also get rid of the annoying window that by default shows the global and commercial chat. For a better overview, uncheck “Join Global Chat” and “Join Trade Chat”. Press the [Enter] key to recall the chat window later.
Moving items from your character’s inventory to your chest (“stash”) would certainly rob you of years of life if there were not a useful keyboard shortcut: Hold [Ctrl] and left-click on an item in your inventory and you will find it in your chest again.
That you will not just die in “Path of Exile” is almost certain. And often the key mapping of your mouse will be at fault. Because at the beginning you not only move with the left mouse button, but also attack it. So, one after another, you inadvertently run into enemy hordes – and often do not come out again. As soon as you receive your first skill gem (or put it into an item), you should therefore assign your left mouse button with “Move only”. You do this in the screen area at the bottom right with a click on the corresponding icon. Here (in the so-called “Hotbar”) you can also assign the keys for your skills (right mouse button, [Q], [W], [E] and [R]).

Exile Tip 1: Enjoy your first gameplay

“Path of Exile” is an extremely complex action RPG that will take you by surprise with its sheer abundance of item types, skills and possible ways to build character. Even if you have already played similar games like “Diablo” or “Torchlight”, you have to find your way around first (keyword: “The perfect build”)
That’s why this advice should be taken seriously: Enjoy your first run of the game and do not spend any time developing your character’s skills. The chances are very high that your first character, even with plenty of consideration, ideally becomes mediocre. Do you rather play your time in any forums on “How do I build the perfect character?” to spend.
If you do not want to gamble on it, do not overdo it in the first game run. It is best to plan for only 60 of the 120 passive skill points. That’s enough to give you enough damage and defense bonuses. Play it safe with the official character-planning tool.
How to unlock the secret level in “Diablo 3″, we tell you in this practical tip.

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