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Path Of Exile Tutorial Of Marauder

Path of Exile is an ARPG set in a dark fantasy world. Developed by the independent New Zealand company Grinding Gear Games is completely free. The project is maintained economically thanks to ethical micro-payments.

This game is based on the Diablo saga, especially in Diablo II but with a level of graphics very similar to devil 3, and in my opinion even more advanced than the devil 3.

All areas where teleports, except central camps, are generated randomly, players are connected to a single server, but when a player or group of players leaves the camp, they do so to an area that is only for them.

Usually this type of game, objects are generated randomly from a variety of basic types, assigning them magical properties and holes to embed gems (runes). There are different oddities, and the rarest objects will have more and better characteristics. In this way, a large part of the game is dedicated to finding a well-balanced team.

Different characters

The Marauder is associated with strength and fire. If you raise all your passive abilities of fire and strength it will become easier to raise it and in turn stronger. (Passive skills) or skill tree.

Here we leave you a few builds related to the Marauder. Remember that, because of their disposition in the tree, many can adapt to characters with a close exit. In addition, together with our general assessment, which are the following:

Feasibility: capacity of the build to arrive and work perfectly in the endgame
Economy: how cheap it comes to build the character (the higher the value, the cheaper)
Attack: character’s offensive ability
Defense: defensive capacity of the character

Management: ease of use of the character and understanding of the build

Usually the marauder is a born tank, so when it comes to climbing the passive skill it is best to raise a lot of life and defense, and focus on what weapon you will use to avoid loss of skill points, if you use a perfect ax! focus on climbing only axes (or one or two hands), if you are going to use swords the same (or one hand or two hands) never upload both because you will lose skill points, remember that your intention is to cause a lot of damage and if you allocate points to You will lose a lot of damage to the weapon!

Passive skills

All classes share 1350 passive skills, (the difficult part) since they are many and the player can choose one each time the character levels up, or occasionally as a reward for a mission. Passive skills increase the score of the main attributes, the mana or the ability to heal and hurt, among other improvements and each of the classes starts in a different place.

Active skills

Unlike many games of this genre, Path of Exile does not impose a fixed skill tree on each class. On the contrary, skills are gems; these can be found during the game and others are obtained as prizes for performing missions. The gems are inserted in the holes that have the weapons and the pieces of armor and only thus grant the skill to the character. When the gems are placed, they gain experience at the same time as the character, with which they acquire more level and become more and more powerful.

Active abilities can be modified through Support Gems calls. The gaps that objects have can (or can not) be linked. In order for a support gem to affect another gem of active ability, they must be placed in gaps between each other.

The effects of these support gems include attack speed, multiple shots, chained attacks, life robbery, automatic spells when a critic occurs and considerably improve your damage …


The success of the trade is instead of using a coin to trade within the game, it is based on the exchange or exchange of objects called orbs. Unlike coins, these objects have utilities and to activate them you need to spend them. This creates in the game economy a mechanism of currency destruction and avoids inflation. The usefulness of orbs is to alter objects in different ways.

Tip: when you have orbs do not sell them, save them and then trade them for objects that really interest you. Now if you are willing to upload your own object, make sure that this object is unique and of high level, because as you spend orbs in a yellow item that can fall 10 times … you will be ruined in a matter of days.

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